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Canopus Unveils EDIUS HD

Affordable, realtime HD/SD turnkey editing solution targets the broadcast and content creation markets and delivers true HD production

Canopus Edius HD

Las Vegas, NV (April 19, 2004) — Canopus Corporation, a leader in digital video production tools, today unveiled its much-anticipated high definition editing system, EDIUS HD. EDIUS HD offers realtime mixed HD/SD editing in an affordable turnkey system for the broadcast and content creation market. Featuring end-to-end Canopus HD technology for true HD production, EDIUS HD includes Canopus EDIUS Pro realtime HD editing software, Canopus HD software codec and Canopus HDRX-E1 HD-SDI/SDI input and output card.

At the heart of EDIUS HD is the proprietary Canopus HD software codec. Developed through years of experience in video compression technology, the Canopus HD software codec provides high-quality, realtime compression, processing, filtering and decoding of multiple HD streams. The Canopus HD software codec supports HD-SDI signal recording, using the Canopus HDRX-E1 board, and playback from the hard disk to HD VTRs such as D5, HDCAM and DVCProHD.

“In a world of shrinking budgets, EDIUS HD lets broadcasters trim costs without compromising on quality, speed or functionality,” said Robert Sharp, general manager of Canopus Corporation. “EDIUS HD also helps smaller post-production houses and independent producers grow their business now that they can afford the tools to bid competitively on HD projects.”

Edius Pro — Realtime multistream HD editing

EDIUS Pro software redefines video production efficiency with realtime, multi-track HD editing, compositing, chroma keying, titling and timeline output. EDIUS Pro lets users edit HD projects in HD resolution and frame rates, eliminating the need to downconvert for editing, as many other systems require. By providing a true HD editing experience, video professionals can expect to maintain their image quality throughout the production process.

When using EDIUS Pro, editors are not restricted to working in just one format. EDIUS Pro seamlessly handles SD and HD clips within complex timeline compositions in realtime and can upconvert, downconvert and output in realtime while retaining the highest possible image quality . Mixed editing with EDIUS Pro saves video professionals additional production time by eliminating the need to upconvert SD video to HD format before starting the editing process.

The EDIUS Pro interface provides editors with instant response when maneuvering through even the most complex HD/SD timeline projects while easily handling thousands of clips. Nearly all aspects of the user interface are customizable including window positioning and layout, available buttons, effects presets and Bin window displays.

EDIUS HD includes Inscriber® TitleMotion™ HD for Canopus , which provides editors with tools to create high-quality titles and features realtime preview of all titles during composition. Featuring keyframable animation capabilities within both 2D and 3D spaces, TitleMotion HD can produce polished broadcast titles within minutes.

The HDRX-E1 input/output board includes RS-422 support to provide frame-accurate VTR control and is equipped with standard BNC connectors for HD-SDI and SDI (two output connectors and a reference input connector).

Pricing and Availability

The EDIUS HD system will be available in June 2004 through Audio Intervisual Design, your Canopus Authorized Partner. Pricing is to be determined.

About Canopus Corporation

Canopus Corporation, based in San Jose, Calif., is the U.S. division of Canopus Co., Ltd, headquartered in Kobe, Japan. Canopus designs and manufactures award-winning digital video and graphics solutions for video professionals and enthusiasts. The company combines innovative hardware and software designs to set new standards in performance, functionality and reliability. Industry leaders worldwide recognize Canopus’s advanced DV and MPEG codec technologies, which are featured in the company’s highly acclaimed realtime render-free, multi-track video editing solutions and transcoding products. Canopus also has offices in the U.K., Germany, Italy, Australia and China in addition to an extensive worldwide distribution network. For more information contact Canopus at (408) 954-4500 or visit their Web site at

About Audio Intervisual Design

Audio Intervisual Design builds a complete range of professional video, film and audio workstations, including powerful realtime NLE systems using Canopus technology. Complete systems are available for demonstration by appointment at their Hollywood offices. For over 20 years, Audio Intervisual Design has been a reseller, integrator, and consultant to Production and Post-Production professionals in the Television, Motion-Picture, and Recording industies. Email us today or call (323) 845-1155 so we can discuss your questions and specific needs, arrange a demonstration, and customize a system for you.


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