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Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Audio Intervisual Design has a clear and consistent vision: to provide tools for the Creative Community and to do so with unparalleled product and technical support.

Our Mission

Audio Intervisual Design is focused on building a community of relationships that transcend traditional buyer and seller roles, thereby creating true partnerships that allow our community to please their clients.

Our History

Audio Intervisual Design, Inc. was founded in 1983, and was operated out of The Record Plant in Hollywood for its first 9 years. Jeff Evans and Jim Pace set out to service and support the Los Angeles audio recording community in ways that no one else could, at that time or since! Dedicated to pioneering technologies and helping clients put them into stable use in their workflows, they have supported their community through some of the largest technological paradigm shifts the professional film, video, and audio industries have ever seen. Dubbing audio on magnetic film recorders and recording music on PCM masters. Multichannel digital tape recorders.File-based digital editing systems and automated workflows. The Systems Design and Sales Team at AID has repeatedly and consistently figured out what was the best for their clients, helping them avoid the pitfalls that can come with being true pioneers.

The Teams

Systems Design & Sales

Jim Pace

Shawn Jones

The “behind the scenes” aspects of theater and motion picture production grabbed my attention as a teenager leading to college at UCLA and a go at the entertainment business. My career began in pro audio and lighting for live events and eventually migrated into lighting and camera work for feature films. After starting a family with my wife Jennifer, I began my odyssey into the postproduction world. I started at Sony Pictures and later moved to NT Audio serving as Chief Engineer responsible for Screening Rooms, a Film Lab, Re-recording Stages, and Digital Intermediate Services. As motion picture film succeeded to digital, I transitioned into broadcasting and Information technology serving as an engineer for CBS Television. In 2015 I joined the happy family at AID handling System Design and Project Management.

Nathaniel Kunkel

Nathaniel provides studio design, AV systems design, and advanced interface programming services for our clientele. Additionally, he is a music producer/mixer based in Los Angeles, California.

Lincoln Zimmanck

I started at Audio Intervisual Design June 1, 1992 so officially my longest working relationship- great people and interesting projects keep me here.  I came to the audio field in 1969, mixing sound for Chicago’s Kinetic Playground. Later, partnered in a company building sound systems, followed by heading west to California with a band.  I moved into sales, representing a line of mixing consoles, and on to pro audio sales. In my leisure time, I enjoy live music with my wife Sandra, and riding motorcycles to stay young at heart.

Jeff Evans

Felix Romero

Coming from a background in audio, coupled with a vast experience in sales and customer service. Felix Romero joined the AID team as an undrafted rookie in September 2015, filling a void on an already All-Star roster. Originally from the state of Colorado, it’s no surprise that he enjoys staying active and being outdoors. He has a strong passion for music and sound and possesses a work ethic next to none.

Technical Services Group

Walter Lavash

As a kid I started learning basic electronics and programing from my dad who worked on the Apollo project. In the early 80s I had a blast making my living mixing live audio. Since moving to L.A. I’ve built, tuned, and maintained studio facilities for both music and post production. Along the way I I’ve also worked on Emmy winning TV shows. If LA had ’snow days I’d spend them building tube amps.

Greg Lenczycki

For the last twenty years Gregory Lenczycki has been actively involved in digital media production and its supporting infrastructure. From years of research and development at Sonic Solutions to building a state of the art video transcoding and streaming media facility to designing some of the largest post-production SAN infrastructures and broadcast KVM deployments in use today, he has pioneered a path of least resistance through the ever evolving forest of technological change. When not involved in AID projects, he is the co-chairperson of the new music non-profit SASSAS.ORG and a composer and performer active in the Los Angeles music scene. Greg has been with AID since 2001.

Sara Griffith

Sara Griffith grew up on the east coast. Music has always been a part of her life. Her professional life has evolved from being a musician, to working in recording studios as an audio engineer, to working at AID as a tech/product specialist. In her free time she enjoys cooking, painting, beer making and hiking.

Team Support

Ileana Dominguez

I started working at Audio Intervisual Design April 6, 2006. I’m a result-oriented and seasoned purchasing professional who specializes in strategic sourcing, value optimization, inventory management, logistics and supplier accountability. Energetic self-starter with strong communication skills, works well independently or on a team. Prior to joining the AID family I worked at another local pro audio dealer as a Purchasing Agent, and before that I worked as a Logistics Manager at Restoration Hardware. Love.. Love.. Love that store. I’m a simple and easy-going type of girl. I love reading books, yes I’m literate. Music is my sweet escape, all I need is my iPod. I enjoy making people laugh, so anything I can do to make you feel better.

Faye Dawley

I have always loved numbers, that’s why I really enjoy working in the Accounting field. I’ve worked in accounting for more than 20 years. I got connected to AID 15 years ago through an Accounting agency. The highlight of my daily duties is interacting with our wonderful clients, so yes, I am the life of the party! When I am not at the office, I spend time playing games with my family and visiting community events in my neighborhood.

Sandy Perkins

I started in the industry working for Wally Heider, a leader in remote recording and independent studio facilities. The Record Plant recruited me to handle their Union Scoring payroll and other accounting duties through my company, Business Service Enterprises. I was hired by Jeff and Jim after they purchased Audio Intervisual Design, Inc. when there were five of us working in a one room office. It has been a challenging and rewarding experience for over 20+ years.

Hugh Flowers

Born and raised in New Orleans Louisiana. Family moved to Detroit Michigan in 1962. I finished High School and immediately joined the U.S. Army. I Spent time in Korea, Japan, Alaska, Washington, and Kentucky during my tour of duty in service of our country. After leaving the Military, I completed my schooling, back in Detroit, where I received certificates in computer programming, systems analysis and design, and studied business and accounting, utilizing my GI benefits. I held several positions over the years in Detroit in computer programming, accounting systems design, and accounting systems sales.
I relocated to Los Angeles in 1982, chasing job opportunities and sunny skies. After working with several companies for a few years, I formed my own company with a co-worker and we provided accounting and bookkeeping services for small (mom & pop) businesses. After several years doing this the landscape changed and I realized, that I needed to get a real job. I worked for several companies over the years (sales, accounting, project management). I was directed to Audio Intervisual Design in July 2006 and it has been a good fit. A good work environment, good people, just enough stress, and adequate compensation.I love to travel and my schedule is flexible enough to allow me to do so occasionally.

Mark Motagally

Started at Audio Intervisual Design May 20, 2013. Previous work history had me in Account management e-retail for the LA County, Newegg.com, and many small businesses in between. In my spare time, I run my own automotive fabrication business dabble in real-estate. Customization is my passion, which goes hand in hand with the work we do.

Jaime Gallegos

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